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The C. Family (Secured)

February 2024

Dear friends and family,

My wife was peacefully taken to heaven in November - in her sleep, surrounded by her family. Thankfully, she was born again on April 19, 1992, on Easter Sunday. The first place she drove after she got her driver's license in November 1991 was a Baptist Church near her home. She heard the preaching of the gospel in that church and was saved the following Sunday.

We cannot imagine anyone who had a greater desire for M-s around the world to be saved.

My pastor highly recommended that I attend the weekly Grief Share sessions at our church before returning to the mission field. And I agree that God will use this ministry, my church family, friends, and family to help me in this healing and grieving process. The last Grief Share class will be at the end of April.

Then I'm planning to go for a short trip to "E" in May. We're waiting on the Lord's leading. Lord willing, I will live there indefinitely by this year's end.

I'm preparing to work with a Missionary supported by my church and mission board for many years. He is constructing a large training facility to train Christians - including missionaries, pastors, and preachers. The missionary wants me to help him train these Christians at this new facility. The organization is a 20-year-old church planting ministry among unreached people groups, and I would like to join him in this work.

Thank you for being so supportive as I travel through this most difficult valley of my life. I know some of you have gone through a similar valley. I knew K more than half my life, 27 years and we were married 26 years ago. Her passing destroyed my world, and I'm trying to pick up the pieces. She was a big part of my identity as a husband and person. I was so thankful for all her help over the years, and I tried not to take her for granted. But now that she's gone, I have a greater appreciation for what she did to help me. It's like I survived the amputation of my right arm, and I'm in stable condition, but I'm learning how to function without it, except it's more difficult than that. We had a oneness in marriage that I'm very thankful for.
November, 2023 Update

Dear Friends and Family,

My beloved and fellow missionary, KC, was promoted to Heaven on November 3rd, and is now in the presence of our Lord and Savior. K made an enormous impression on our souls, and her compassion made a huge difference in our lives and our eternity. This is true; not only of our family, but on the hundreds of souls she ministered to both here and abroad.

Please continue to pray for my son (P) and daughter (AG) and son-in-law (J).
August 5, 2023

Dear Friends and Family,

We are so thankful for each of you, for your love and support, and especially for your many prayers these past months. We are making plans to leave for -- in September. Please pray for the Lord's hand and timing in all the details of travel, housing, and our visas. we will leave here with a 90-day visa, but will have to navigate the bureaucracy of a long-term visa when we arrive.

One of the national missionaries I met with during our trip to -- is planning a missions conference August 17-19. he is expecting over 500 people to attend from all over -- and multiple other countries. Specifically he is asking us to pray that more -- will become the givers and the goers in missions. Also pray for wisdom in planning and the logistics of hosting so many people.

I recently had the opportunity to take part in a missions conference in a Florida prison. Several years ago one of the inmates requested some missionary prayer letters from a local pastor. he and another inmate connected over this desire to pray for missionaries, and the church in that prison had their first mission conference three years ago. isn't it amazing how God will go to the lowliest places and use what appears useless. they have been supporting four missionary families and this year took on three more. some of the inmates have jobs within the prison, and sometimes they make money by selling their unused toiletry rations. it was a blessing to spend time with these men, hearing their stories and struggles and trying to be an encouragement. Many are from good homes and even good churches, but made one bad decision that changed everything. Please pray for God's continued grace and work in their lives.

Because Billions have Never Heard,

E-mail:  theymustehar@gmail.com
May 18, 2023

Dear friends and family,

A lot has happened for us since we last wrote. 'k' finished chemotherapy, had one final surgery, and was declared "cured" by her doctor. Praise the Lord! All of the neuropathy and other symptoms from the chemo have also resolved. We are so grateful for all of you who prayed with us through this time.

We flew to Egypt and spent a week visiting with friends there, but most of our time was spent with Sule. it is interesting to watch the Lord teach him as he learns to live as a Christian in a world where his faith is not understood or accepted. I asked him if he prayed and he said, "Yes," He sits next to me in the car and we talk. I never had a father to talk with and explain things, but now I do. I'm blessed to have this journey with God. I'm just grateful." I look forward to seeing how the Lord uses Sule in the years to come.

Then we spent a week in --. There are also disturbing sights -- disturbing poverty, pitiful orphans, and desperate people. But we also saw exciting opportunities. There's an open door to preach the gospel. We got to meet with other missionaries (both American and nationals),. join a national pastor's prayer meeting, a church service in a village, and even a wedding celebration. i was given opportunities to share my testimony and hear the testimonies of others. -- has great needs and the ministry opportunities are endless. We have some work to do to prepare documents, obtain visas, and work out the logistics of a move, but we will be working towards returning to -- to plant churches.

Because Billions Have Never Heard,

E-mail: theymusthear@gmail.com
February 16, 2023

Dear Friends and Family,

K just finished her fifth round of chemotherapy -- only one left to go. Although each treatment has been progressively more difficult, she has been largely spared from many of the side effects most people experience. But she has experienced brief and mild episodes of neuropathy. So we pray she will not have any permanent neuropathy. her doctor is still expecting a full cure and quick recovery. We thank God for that and are grateful for all of you who have prayed for her.

in December we got to spend Christmas with our family. With our kids grown and building their own lives, just being together is special. i also experienced vertigo for the first time and couldn't drive for a month. I thank God those symptoms have resolved and in January we hit the road again, scheduling meetings around Kate's treatments as we are able. We enjoy reconnecting with all of you, and pray we can be a blessing to you as you are to us.

Because Billions Have Never Heard
E-mail: theymusthear@gmail.com

December 1, 2022

Dear Friends and Family,
"And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of  the Father,) full of grace and truth. Jn1:14. I pray that we would all behold his glory this Christmas season. And we pray for all of your Christmas ministries and outreaches, that the Lor would use each one mightily for his glory.

Much has changed for us since our last letter. The day we were supposed to be flying back to the field my wife was having surgery instead. They removed a large abdominal mass that had grown up very quickly. It was benign, but it led to the "accidental" discovery of stage 1 ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is rarely discovered so early and I certainly don't believe it was an accident, but by the grace of God. They do not believe the cancer spread, but she is undergoing 6 rounds of chemotherapy as a precaution. We are praying that these treatments will be effective, and for protection from the side-effects.

Our travel plans have been moved out to probably April, but the oncologist is aware of our plans to move back overseas and sees no problem. 'K' is young and healthy and he expects a full cure and recovery. We are grateful to be in the States right now receiving good medical care. Grateful for the love and support of friends and family. Grateful for a God that never changes.

We have still been able to travel and visit churches, although I had to attend a couple meetings without my wife for the first time since we began this journey 14 years ago. I felt like half a person without her. But it is always a blessing to reconnect and fellowship with you all. I also want to praise the Lord and thank the churches who have generously supplied the cost of our high insurance deductible for this year. Even in this difficult time, my cup runneth over with goodness, grace, and blessings.

Because billions have never heard,

June 2022 Update

Dear Friends and Family,

I count it a privilege to share the gospel overseas but I also know how privileged I am to come home to America. No matter our political views, it's still the greatest country on earth. We have enjoyed these past couple of months here, worshipping with believers, soaking up Christian fellowship, and filling up on our favorite foods that we have missed.

I have been able to stay in contact with many of our friends where we serve with video chats, though the conversations are just not as good as in person. Lord willing, we would like to take a trip back this fall. We would also like to visit another part of the country at that time to consider ministry opportunities there. Please pray for more laborers and the 10/40 Window as there is such a need.

When we first began deputation in 2008 we didn't realize God would give us so many friends along the way. And now on furlough we get to visit those friends. This month we will be heading out to Texas, Oklahoma, and Michigan. our kids are grown now though. AG is 20 and will be getting married this fall. P is 18. He was 7 when we first went overseas so settling in to life here is a big adjustment with big decisions to make. he misses 'home' and is also planning to go visit. It is a season of great change for all of us and we are grateful for your prayers.

Because Billions Have Never Heard,

Contact the church office for details on how to reach-out and encourage the "C'" family.
March 2022 Update

Dear Friends and Family,March 23, 2022

We wanted to write and keep you updated on our current situation. We had to leave the field a few weeks ago. as I mentioned in our last letter we knew this was coming. By the time we left, we could not renew our passports, renew our car license, exchange money, we had to close our bank account, and then had our phone service cut off. We had prayed for clarity in God's will and certainly got it.

We will go back to the 10/40 Window to preach the gospel to Muslims, Lord willing.  There are countries we are praying about and trusting the Lord to show us what is next. We did not take the furlough we had planned last year, so we are planning a 1-year furlough now. During this time we hope to visit with many of our supporting churches that we have not seen in many years, and prepare for the next steps of ministry.

We plan to go back and visit the friends we left behind. Lord willing we can take a trip this fall. it was difficult to say good-bye to everyone, but I hope I can keep in touch with many of them, continue to build those relationships, and see the Lord work in their lives.

Because Billions Have Never Heard,

November 2021 update

Dear Friends and Family,

A friend asked me, "Tell me something I can be thankful for." I rattled off a list of things for him, and it seemed it had never occurred to him to be thankful for any of them. Islam seems to produce a fatalistic view of life where everything is the predetermined will of God and could not be any other way. If you have food today, it wasn't possible that you not have food today. This thinking leaves no place for real gratitude.

I have had several great discussions with a young man about God's love. He believes God must have the character quality of love, yet Islam never describes God as loving. He has 99 names and none of them are love. Muslims have a master-slave relationship with God, not one of love. He found several verses in the Quran that said God likes believers and does not like unbelievers. I asked him how God has shown him that he loves him. He said God shows us love by testing us. But he agrees even a teacher can give you a test without loving you. Then I shared the biblical view that God is love, his essence is love, he is the source of love, and he demonstrated his love on the cross. That led to a discussion of who Jesus is, the Word of God, and that we believe in one God not multiple gods as most Muslims think. I am looking forward to our next meeting.

I have had several more opportunities to teach English to a group that meets in a park. There are usually 30-40 people there, mostly students from an Islamic university. They are wary of discussing religion or politics in such a public setting but we usually have a lot of fun, and I often get to meet with some of them  one-on-one at a later date. "Ali" is one of these. We met at a coffee shop and spoke briefly about what happens after death. he is a devout Muslim studying Sharia law, so he enjoys talking about religion but has probably never talked to someone with views different than his own. Please pray our meetings will be fruitful.

We have much to be thankful for this holiday season. Despite some difficulties and disappointments, we are all healthy, happy, and serve a faithful God! We thank God that my son is feeling much better and recovering from Covid. It was slightly difficult for him to breathe at one point but thank God he feels much stronger. "Therefore I will give thanks unto thee, O LORD, among the heathen, and sing praises unto thy name." (Psalm 18:49 KJV)

Because Billions Have Never Heard,