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The Wagars (Chuuk, Micronesia)

News from the Islands
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July 10, 2023 - Unexpected Medical Details

I've already been back for about a week which is hard to believe; I think my body is finally starting to acclimate. I had the privilege to preach at our home church last night and give an update about the trip and what the Lord is doing. Because I had not yet been able to address my home church about the information I am going to now share, I waited to make this information public until I was able to talk to our home pastor as well as our home church family.
As you know, when Uriah was born we had quite the medical journey. The Lord, however, allowed everything that had originally seemed to be a big issue to either go away or to not be as serious as originally expected. The day before I left for Chuuk we had a follow- up MRI for Uriah. The MRI was checking his encephalocele on the back of his head and, since we had not noticed any growth and it had not been giving him any issues, we expected the neurosurgeon to give medical clearance for Uriah to travel.
On Tuesday (in Chuuk) Sarah called with details from the follow-up appointment to the MRI. The good news is that the encephalocele is, indeed, not problematic and that there are no issues of concern surrounding it at this time. However, we were told that Uriah has an arachnoid cyst that has doubled in size in a short amount of time. This was unexpected, even from the neurosurgeon's viewpoint. The cyst, which is filled with cerebrospinal fluid, needs to be monitored for growth over the next three months. Because Chuuk does not put us within 12 hours of a neurosurgeon - in case of an emergency, we will need to postpone our return for the next three months.
Please let me be clear: at the moment we are only on hold. We have not been told that we can never return to the field nor have we been told that this is a life altering situation. It is only a situation that requires monitoring for the time being. Arachnoid cysts are the most common form of infant cyst and, if necessary, can be treated with a high degree of success.
God has made it abundantly clear that He has paved the way back into Chuuk for us. Many prayers have been answered and by every metric we sense that the Lord is not done with us in Chuuk. To be honest and transparent, we are a little confused as to why the Lord would give me a successful re-entry and then immediately postpone us again after all this time. But we trust that He knows what is best.
Our prayer is this: that God completely takes away the cyst and all concern within the next three months. It's a simple thing for the Lord.
Barring Uriah developing any symptoms, at the end of three months they will perform another MRI and we will assess the situation from there. Until then, we are grateful for your prayers for our little guy as well as for us as we seek to serve the Lord for a bit longer here in Virginia while continuing to prepare to head back to Chuuk.
I understand that this will cause us to have been Stateside for over a year on furlough. Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me; I am happy to answer any questions you may have.
We are grateful for your prayers during this time and, though it is a difficult trial to walk through, we are excited to see what God will do.

Until the Islands Know Him,
Josh and Sarah Wagar  Psalm 124

July 5, 2023 - Stateside Again

Thank you for your prayers over the last couple of weeks! Shortly after I arrived and sent my last email my computer died and I was not able to use it for the entire time I was there, and it is my computer that has the program I use to send out all of my large emails. I'm truly sorry that I wasn't able to send something out until now!

I just got back last evening at around 7PM EST. It was a LONG trip back, but by God's grace I made it with no issues.

My trip was extremely successful. As I mentioned previously, God allowed me to walk right into Chuuk with no issues whatsoever. I don't know if there are adequate words to describe what it is like watching God answer what is, to me, a huge prayer that called for His intervention. It felt like something right out of the Bible! Thank you for walking through this with my family and I.

Pretty much as soon as I deboarded the plane my work began. From the time I woke up and had my personal time with the Lord until late at evening I was working. I won't bore you with all of the intricate details of what I did, but the Lord gave me physical strength and health which was vital to accomplishing all that got done.

Not only did I get to do much physical work, but I was able to preach or teach 4 times, visit Martina and her family, and to make new plans and solidify old plans for future ministry. It was exhausting, but a great trip. I knew there were so many people praying for both me and my family as I was gone. Thank you for being part of that. It is the prayers of God's saints that He uses to accomplish what He does.

I'll be in touch soon! I'm grateful for you.

Until the Islands Know Him,
Josh Wagar
June 2023 - The Journey Back to Chuuk

The last we heard from the Wagars, Josh was one week out from his departure to Chuuk! He shared several specific things that they really needed prayers for, including:
1) Pray for my entry into Chuuk and that God allows me to get in with no issues.
2) Pray for safe, smooth travel and that the Lord gives me courage - I'm excited and a bit nervous at the same time.
3) Pray for Sarah and the kids as they go spend time with Sarah's mom and dad.

Shortly after that update we received the following:
June 6, 2023
Thank you so much for praying for my upcoming trip to Chuuk; it means more than I am able to express. God is answering prayers, but certainly in a way I was not expecting.
Due to a recent change in the Pfizer vaccine, the vaccination I received is not yet recognized by the FSM Government as an approved vaccination. Therefore, I will not be flying out tomorrow to go to Chuuk because I would not be able to ge in. However, it seems that an amendment will go into effect on June 17 that will recognize my vaccine as making me "fully vaccinated." For now I will go to be with my wife and her family in Western Virginia for a little bit. God willing i will be purchasing new tickets tomorrow for a later date in June. I will keep you posted as things progress. One big praise in the midst of all of this is that United issued me a full refund for the tickets I had already purchased even though I am less than 24 hours out from my flights. Thank God! We've already seen Him answering some prayer today. Thank  you for praying. - Josh

June 14, 2023

So often life progresses by simply taking th enext wise step that the Lord lays out for us. Once again I am 1 week out from my travel date to return to Chuuk. I bought tickets to depart on June 23. I'm reminded of the Scripture where James says in regards to traveling that, "ye ought to say, if the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that." So there we have it; if the Lord wills I will be flying out next Wednesday.
Please be praying that the amendment that would allow my specific vaccination to enter the FSM will pass and be signed on June 17 (when it is slated to do so). Then continue to pray that the Lord will give entrance back into Chuuk.
The Lord has seemed to make clear that this delay was of Him. I have been able to devote good time to my family, spend a little time resting, and also preach. I'll keep you up to date in the days ahead! Thank you for praying!  -Josh

June 22, 2023
It has been a VERY long 28 hours thus far. I flew from Norfolk to Newark and then straight to Tokyo (about 13 1/2 hours). Then from Tokyo I just arrived in Guam a little while ago. Thank the Lord that all of the flights and connections have gone very smoothly.
So this is it; I will be flying out to Chuuk in the morning (5:55PM EST). It's a quick flight - only about 2 hours from Guam. I have confidence that God will do what is best and what will ring Him the most glory, but I would be lying if I said that I wasn't nervous. "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil." Everything over the last couple of years has culminated in these coming moments and so all I can do is lean on the leading of the Lord. He has brought us this far and He will not fail now.
I know your prayers are with me; I'll be in touch as soon as I can.
Trusting Him, - Josh

June 23, 2023
"Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing? ...He that sitteth in the heavens shall LAUGH!" God did it! I'm in!
All glory, honor, and praise be to the Deliverer of His people, the LORD of Hosts, the Merciful God. He was not required to do as we request, but He does promise to answer the prayers of His people. I can do nothing but stand in humble awe at the way He has acted on our behalf.
There were no issues; I walked through the line, presented my passport, and got my stamp to enter the country. Here is the funny thing - one of the men that had come to my house several times to try to deport me was there as I walked through the line and yet there were no issues.
Thank you or praying. That's not a cliche saying - I mean it from the depths of my heart. Thank you. "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much..." How much more, then, the fervent prayers of hundreds of saints?
Now the work begins. I have MUCH more to do than I had expected. A house sitting for a year in the jungle needs a lot of work. Furthermore, not to be melodramatic, but I can already sense the spiritual warfare that is beginning. Please continue to pray that I have physical, mental, and spiritual strength to do the work in the short time I have. i will send out a video later with more details of the story and to give a further update. Also, be watching our Facebook page - MicroMissions. I will try to post there as well.

Thank you for praying! Let's see what God will do next. - Josh
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