Due to inclement weather, the 9 a.m. service for Sunday, Jan. 20 has been cancelled. We will have one morning service at 10:45 a.m. as road conditions improve.

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Love One Another
January 27th, 2024
by Jeremy ShafferHave you ever stopped to consider why the phrase “love one another” is a command in Scripture? I think the simple answer is that loving one another is not an easy task.  Loving one an...  Read More
by Jeremy Shaffer
Witnessing: The Gospel According to Stephen
August 31st, 2023
by Jeremy ShafferTwenty-two years ago, when my wife and I were traveling to our honeymoon destination, we managed to get stuck in traffic. When we found ourselves stuck in traffic, I told her to reach...  Read More
by Jeremy Shaffer
The Date of Easter
April 1st, 2023
by Jeremy ShafferWhy is the day we celebrate Easter different each year? Have you ever asked that question? When I was younger, the holidays that did not change were always easy to remember, mainly be...  Read More
by Matt Waller
Passion Week Guide
April 1st, 2023
by Jeremy ShafferINTRODUCTIONThis Passion Week guide is designed to help you make sense of the events of the most important week in the life of Christ while He was on earth. Each day has a brief summa...  Read More
by Matt Waller
My Happy Place
November 1st, 2022
by Jeremy ShafferWhen January of 2020 began, I had such high hopes for the year, especially because this would be the year in which I would get a chance to knock off the item at the very top of my buc...  Read More
by Matt Waller
The One Who ...
July 1st, 2022
by Jeremy ShafferFireworks, gathering with family, outdoor concerts, and good food have always been the ingredients to a proper celebration of America’s birthday. This July, the United States will cel...  Read More
by Matt Waller
Thankful in All Things
November 1st, 2021
by Jeremy ShafferIn 1 Thessalonians 5:18, it says, “give thanks in all circumstances...” This reminder from Paul teaches us that it is God’s will that we have a spirit of gratitude.Gratitude is easy w...  Read More
by Matt Waller
Rooted in 2021
December 1st, 2020
by Jeremy Shaffer2021 marks the 5th anniversary of our church-wide Bible reading challenge. Many of you have been with us from the beginning, but there might be some out there who are new to LMBC and ...  Read More
by Matt Waller
Labor is Not in Vain
October 1st, 2020
by Jeremy ShafferFor as long as I have been in ministry, Sunday morning services have always started with Saturdays.  Saturdays are the days in ministry life that you are thankful for because they giv...  Read More
by Matt Waller