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Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Missions is the heartbeat of Lewis. Everything we do is focused on our ultimate purpose: to introduce the world to the Savior. That's why we not only support world missions efforts but we take the time to BE missionaries as well.
Read more about how you can join the cause of missions at home:

Active Missionaries from LMBC

Trey & Terri Bailey (SCORE International)

Tim & Diane Bilbrey (Daystar Baptist Missions, Inc)

Becky Hale (USA)

Gary and Alli Hale (Dominican Republic)

Doug & Paula Hodges (Daystar Baptist Missions, Inc)

Megan Kuhn (Spain)

Jenn Morla (Dominican Republic)

Other Supported Missionaries/outreaches

A New Beginning Crisis Pregnancy Center
JJ & Melissa Alderman (Togo)
Bret & Katie Anderson (Spain)
Andy & Mimi Bonikowsky (Spain)
Daystar Baptist Missions, Inc.
Jake & Elizabeth Delich (Puerto Rico)
Joel & Debbie Dicks (Hungary)
Adam & Faith Drake (Togo)
Benji & Kerri Dryden (Haiti)
Diana Ferrell (Uganda)
John & Kidist Getaneh (Zambia)
Anthony & Rachelle Goddard (Brazil)
Mark & Odie Goddard (Paraguay)
Mike & Trisha Goddard (Paraguay)
Spencer & Joanna Goddard (Brazil)
Matt & Dallita Goins (Honduras)
John & Brenda Gossett (Trinidad)
Pascal & Becky Grenade (Mauritius)
Robert & Lisa Gunter (Deaf in Australia)
Tony & Dawn Hess (Russia)
Wendy Hinzman (France)
Justin & Rachel Hoy (Senegal)
John & Mihyon Humphrey (New Zealand)
Huntington City Mission
Darin & Kathy Ishler (Kenya)
Jim & Connie Jeremias (Kenya)
Chris Katulka (Friends of Israel)
Tom & Melissa Kendall (Togo)
Tom & Selva Kweder (USA)
Brent & Tammy Lowe (Portugal)
Jon & Erin Mathews (Brazil)
Doug & Kathy McClain (Germany)
Patrick & Lisa McCoy (Alaska)
Tim & Charlene Miskimen (Thailand)
Randy & Ellen Mumper (Canada)
Nahum & Arin O’Brien (Norway)
Gerald & Marguerite Pauley (Canada)
Rick & Jen Peace (Ireland)
Dan & Jennifer Post (Canada)
Wade & Kacey Rainey (Dominican Republic)
Jason & Adele Rice (Slovakia)
Nathan & Erin Sayre (Child Evangelism Fellowship)
Doug & Becky Sisson (Philippines)
Phil & Janice Smith (Papua New Guinea)
Dwayne & Dianna Spear (Brazil)
Doug & Amber Staley (Ireland)
Joshua & Denise Steward (Ireland)
Jason & Sarah Sykes (Dominican Republic)
Jerry & Sue Thomas (USA)
Josh & Sarah Wager (Micronesia)
Nathaniel & Stacy Wall (Mormons)
David & Annalise Wilson (England)
Tom & Marilyn Wilson (South Africa)
John & Barb Windler (Paraguay)
World Help
... as well as 12 additional families we cannot list for security reasons

Encourage our active missionaries

Write and encouragement, question, or prayer and we'll connect you via email.