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The Blessings of Solitude
June 30th, 2024
by David LemmingNestled in the icy embrace of two miles of glacial ice at the Earth’s southernmost point, the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station is one of the most isolated locations on the globe. With...  Read More
by David Lemming
A More Vibrant Prayer Life
January 1st, 2024
by David LemmingPrayer is an incredibly powerful privilege that allows us to communicate with God, the Almighty Creator of our vast universe. It is a privilege that we should wholeheartedly embrace an...  Read More
by David Lemming
A Mother Bear and Her Cubs
May 1st, 2023
by David LemmingIn the animal kingdom, a mother bear is known to be a powerful protector of her cubs (cf. Prov. 17:12). She will do whatever it takes to keep them safe from harm, even if it means putt...  Read More
by Matt Waller
People Need People
January 1st, 2023
by David LemmingAs we come to a New Year that holds so much promise, let’s make the most of this year for reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the fall of 2022, at the beginning of our ...  Read More
by Matt Waller
Where Are All the International Missionaries?
October 1st, 2022
by David LemmingIn Romans 15:20-21, Paul gives to us his ministry philosophy for spreading the Gospel. He was called specifically to take this message to people (Gentiles) that had never known the “na...  Read More
by Matt Waller
Gifts for Jesus 2021
December 1st, 2021
by David LemmingThere are few seasons of the year that are as exciting as the Christmas season. There is just something about the colored lights, beautiful decorations, festive music, and family get-t...  Read More
by Matt Waller
Rescue the Perishing
October 1st, 2021
by David LemmingWill you consider an important question with me in this article for just a few moments? No one will know your personal answer and I’m not asking you to make it public. However, if we w...  Read More
by Matt Waller
Extending the Love and Forgiveness of Jesus
April 1st, 2021
by David LemmingA young married couple was having a moment of “marital disagreement.” As the conversation continued between them, the husband became increasingly more agitated. In a moment of fury, he...  Read More
by Matt Waller
Christmas Memories
December 1st, 2020
by David LemmingMerry Christmas and Happy New Year are the words that ring out joyfully everywhere during the month of December. It’s a wonderful time of gift-giving and celebrating together with fami...  Read More
by Matt Waller
The Greater Risk
September 1st, 2020
by David Lemming I don’t think anybody will dispute the fact that this year, 2020, has been one of the strangest years in most of our memories. What started as a New Year full of promise and expectati...  Read More
by Matt Waller