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Sunday, Dec. 12 & 19

Will you help us care for the needy in ways that not only impact them physically for years to come but that also offers them the hope of Jesus and eternal life - the True and Living Christmas Gift? What will your 2021 gift for Jesus be?

Bring clean water to a community

When Hurricand Dorian struck the Bahamas, many freshwater wells were contaminated by the massive storm surge. Families had no access to well water, and no financial means with which to buy bottled water. Samaritan's Purse set up community filtration systems, creating access to safe drinking water and opportunities to share the Gospel. Your gift will help us bring water access to communities hard-hit by disaster, or villages where clean water is always hard to find.

$10,000 each


Turn on a faucet, and water comes flowing out. For many of us, the availability of safe, clean water in our homes is a daily blessing. But for others around the world, gathering water means a trek to fill heavy buckets from ponds or streams. This backbreaking work often results in bringing home contaminated water that can make the whole family sick. Samaritan's Purse is providing household water filters in remote communities to help reduce illness, alleviate suffering, and promote better health and hygiene. For just $100, you can bless a family with a water filter, and help us share the love of God.

$100 each


Imagine breaking a bone, or developing a dangerous infection, and not having a hospital where you can go for treatment. That is a reality for people around the world. Mission hospitals are filling the gap, but many of them are rundown or in desperate need of additional space. We are improving hospitals and clinics around the globe so more people can receive life-saving treatment. your gift will help build a new facility or expand an existing one, equipping medical workers to care for patients in jesus' Name.



During times of famine, Jacob and his family left Canaan to seek food in Egypt, and Ruth fled from Moab to Bethlehem. Aquila and Priscilla settled in Corinth when all the Jews were driven out of Rome. The Bible includes many examples of families forced to seek safety in unfamiliar lands - and Scripture also teaches us thta we are to care for refugees who are far from their home. Today, many people worldwide are living as refugees. Your gift helps Samaritan's Purse reach displaced families in their time of need, providing them with clothing, food, medicine, and other essentials, while sharing with them that "our citizenship is in heaven" (Philippians 3:20)

*any gift