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Wendy Hinzman (The Blessing)

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Dear Friends,

God has opened an incredible door in France this holiday season. As you know, I have been helping with the French translation of the Chosen. our team was able to finish all the subtitles for Seasons One and Two. However, our desire has always been for even more French speakers to SEE AND HEAR an authentic Jesus in their own language.

Last week, the Chosen premiered in a theater in Paris ahead of a planned release on French national television. Season One is now not only dubbed in French but by a very reputable and talented French company. last night, the Chosen premiered on French television. Episodes one through four of Season One were shown and the four remaining episodes are slated to be shown next Monday night.

Adding to this miracle, there is a French evangelical leader who has organized hundreds of church leaders to do follow-up and discipleship. There are also 350 Christians who have volunteered to hold small groups in their homes or other locations. in a country with so few believers, this is also amazing!!

While the Chosen is an incredible tool, our goal is to see people impacted by the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of His disciples. We want them to be interested enough to read and explore the Bible for themselves. The ultimate goal is to reach the world with the Gospel.

Please pray that many will watch the episodes. There are so many people who would never come to church that will watch something like this in the privacy of their own homes. If there is enough interest, seasons two and beyond could be shown on French television. Pray that the Holy Spirit will work in hearts. Above all, pray that many would see the incredible love that God has for the French people.

Thanks so much for all your prayers! May God bless you this holiday season.
In awe of His Love,
Wendy - 
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