Due to inclement weather, the 9 a.m. service for Sunday, Jan. 20 has been cancelled. We will have one morning service at 10:45 a.m. as road conditions improve.

David and Annalise Wilson (England)

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October 2022 update
February 2021
Dear Friends,
It’s amazing how time flies when you’re … well, in a national lockdown for almost a year.

These past number of months have seen ups and downs, but we are looking forward to walking  through the light that seems to be at end of this lockdown tunnel. Even though we’ve experienced grief in various forms, our congregation has had much protection for which to thank the Lord. For this coming year, 2021, we chose a theme for our church that comes from Psalm 1 — “Blessed is the one whose delight is in the Law of the Lord and meditates on it day and night.”  This mindset of finding delight in the Lord, meditating on Him and His word, will shape how we approach this year and Lord-willing our perspective on life.

Since our last update letter, we’ve continued to gather as a church mostly via Zoom but with an occasional meeting in the chapel. Our main focus has been to encourage our people through the scriptures, gathering online to pray for each other, and one-on-one meetings in the only form we can – a takeaway coffee and a walk outside! In our online church gatherings, we spent the end of 2020 studying the book of Hebrews with a few Psalms upon occasion. In the new year, we have begun a study of the attributes of God. It is our prayer that as we deepen our understanding of who God is it will capture our hearts and minds and give us a sense of majesty and awe of our loving and faithful God and cause us to revel in him.

Two recent highlights for us have been our Christmas service and a live online Q&A we conducted. At  Christmas, it was enormously refreshing to meet in the chapel and gather physically, hear the scriptures  read, listen to songs sung, and have a message proclaiming the good news. We are extremely thankful  for all who attended this service. As 2020 came to an end, we wanted to take the opportunity to provide  answers to anyone in our community who might be asking “Where is God?” in the midst of the pandemic. We teamed up with another local gospel preaching church and hosted a live Q & A on Zoom. We were very encouraged by the numbers of people who provided questions and logged in to watch the session. We pray it was a tool to plant the seed of the gospel into the hearts of people. Coming off these two events we were looking to keep the momentum going with our online presence to reach out to our local community, so we planned an online Christianity Explored course to start at the end of January. Sadly, there was no interest from our local community, so we have put this on hold for now, but pray we might be able to do it in the future.

With news coming out that schools will be opening up soon and community events starting back up,  we are hoping that we will soon have some stability. Though things might seem to be moving in that  direction we are still a bit hesitant to make any set plans for events. Please do pray for wisdom in how  we lead people back into life after the pandemic has settled down.  
Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. We know these past number of months have  been difficult in so many ways and we greatly appreciate your continued interest in the gospel work  here in North London. Please feel free to follow us on the various social media platforms —  @highroadbaptist to see what’s happening on a week-to-week basis. I’ll finish by quoting one of our  members. Each time we meet to pray, she says, “Thanks be to God, He is so good, and so faithful.”

David & Annalisa Wilson