Due to inclement weather, the 9 a.m. service for Sunday, Jan. 20 has been cancelled. We will have one morning service at 10:45 a.m. as road conditions improve.

The D. Family (Secured)

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August 2022
We greet you in "His" precious name, and hope this letter finds you well.

Over the past months the government here has tightened its grip on various aspects of society. Cs and Muslims are silently waiting for what may come next. The Hindu majority party is having full sway as there is no  strong opposition and the Anti-conversion Bill is all but passed. it needs to go through one more stage before becoming a full-fledged bill, which is unnerving. Still, we thank G for this delay. Also, many C organizations are still waiting for permission from the government to continue their work. There is a lot of uncertainty. Recently, in a rural area, a family was attacked for having a gathering involving aspects of their faith in their own home. Even we are having to tread very carefully with our village ministry and have put our services on hold as of now as we seek wisdom through the next steps. We have asked our people if they could attend services in Mysore and a few families are doing that. Please do make request to the Father for us as we seek His guidance in what the next phase of our ministry should be.

During the interim months, "G" has given us several ministry opportunities, for which we are grateful. We have been able to help a few ministries in urban areas. S and I were called to do a session at  a family life ministry. Another ministry that was a real blessing was that of one of our graduates. We did a couple of modules at his BC up in the hills of a neighboring state. many of the students there are from backward tribes and are doing their best to learn the Word even though English is a difficult and new language for them. We praise "G" for the opportunities He brought our way to encourage fellow believers and strengthen new "Cs" in the faith, and receive a blessing in return.

Recently, S had a good and meaningful time of ministering to a "p" from a small tribe  He spent several meaningful moments "seeking the Father" with him and talking about the challenges this "p" faces. They had an animated time of speaking back and forth in two languages while sharing burdens, challenges and requests.

We had the opportunity to minister to several young people over the course of two weeks. our children N and B had been wanting us to invite their classmates over since they had been asking them many questions about our beliefs. We were able to invite them in two groups and had a wonderful time of bonding with these young people, playing games, "seeking the Father", and carefully sharing so that doors would be open and stereotype views of our faith would be changed for them. Two young men, one h and one m, spent a good while asking S questions and clarifying doubts. We asked "G" that all this will get them thinking and open doors of understanding of the truth.

It has been raining almost every day for the past four months. The non-seasonal rains ran right into the monsoons. This has been beneficial for ground water levels. The world is green over here, but houses are leaking and mold and mildew are spreading on walls and clothing because of the lack of sunlight. We never thought we would actually want it to be hot in this area. One of our graduates mentioned to us recently that his house gets flooded and snakes are crawling in to escape the flood waters. K, who is trying to keep his house and ministry afloat (pun intended) has also faced opposition from h radicals in his village. the only saving grace is that his "ch" was started by his father many years ago, and he is carrying on the ministry there after his father passed on. As of now, established "chs" are being spared from too much scrutiny, but there are future agendas to check into the backgrounds of everyone who attends "ch". We would greatly appreciate it if you would seek our Father for the national believers. The atmosphere is suffocating at times and we need His hand of protection and mercy.

We thank each of you for faithfully going to the Father for us and the ministry here and for your financial encouragement. Please continue to ask the Father for open doors. We have been seeing many enquiring minds and souls seeking the truth.  Ask help for us as we try various means to reach them. The L bless you and keep you.

In His service,