Due to inclement weather, the 9 a.m. service for Sunday, Jan. 20 has been cancelled. We will have one morning service at 10:45 a.m. as road conditions improve.

Update from the K. Family

April 2021
My Dear Praying Friends,

While in your country you hear the rumors of war, in our country we have a nation rise against nation -  Russia waging a war against Ukraine and while the hybrid war here has been going on for the past seven years recently it has been intensified with a massive Russian army build up along our borders and a treat of a full-blown invasion is very eminent. NATO claims its support for Ukraine's, USA, Great Britain and Turkey come to our side but it seems like Ukraine continues to stand alone in our efforts to fight off the northern bear that is Russia. All our active military is on high alert, reserved forces (which my oldest son and I are a part of) are notified and currently on standby, yet again we have emergency suitcases packed and ready. After all, geographically we live in the land of Magog, so it ought to have some bearing on what's going on here, historically and prophetically. So please, pray for our country and for the safety of our family.

To add to the military tensions, Ukraine now has a much-increased level of Covid cases so most of Ukraine's regions (states are in a red zone and many cities are in a lockdown). Our state and city are in the orange zone and no lockdown yet but it's looking like we are headed that way. So far, the government came out with the nationwide strict restrictions for the Easter celebrations (on May 2nd) and over all large gatherings and any work involving people is restricted. It's frustrating and very limiting to what we can do in the ministry but like we determined from the on-start of this year - we are not going to sit around and wait for improvements like we did back in 2020 and are going through with all the planned events at full speed. In just a week and a half we will have Dr. C (JWMM) with us for three weeks (April 29-May 17_ assisting in the ministry and holding many different evangelization events, and we have just had our friend and director Dr. B and his wife with us for three weeks.

Usually, the spring time is the busiest time of the ministry year for us (since it has many Jewish and Christian holidays) and so far, this year we were able to keep the busy schedule of events we planned despite everything going on around us. While Dr. B and his wife were here we ministered in three cities, spoke in 12 churches, held a special "Prophecy and Israel" Conference (with a record attendance of 212 people), conducted Seder Meal Presentation and "Honor Israel" Banquet, ladies conference, "You Are Called", (V. and O. are much pleased with the results there). A total of 856 people had attended these meetings and eight of them raised their hands indicating they prayed a sinner's prayer asking for God's forgiveness (with one of the saved from the street). We could not rent bigger facilities/restaurants for these events due to Covid restrictions in place but did our best to reach out to as many as we possibiity could an we praise the lord for blessing our endeavors and thank Dr. B. for dedicating his time and efforts to assist us in all the above mentioned. Thank you for all your prayers during this time as we are happy to report an unhindered success! Amen'! please, pray for the upcoming next three weeks with Dr. C. and another push to end our busy spring ministry season on a high note!

The K-Family is doing fine: O. and N. continue with their Bible Seminary studies online thus eliminating the need to travel to and from Kiev (which is currently in a lockdown), E. also studies online (at least it seems like he does), D. is finishing (also online)her fifth University year (working on her diploma now) and will be graduating this year. It also is S's. last year in high school and she is busy with tutors preparing for this final graduation test.  They are all a big help in the ministry and everyone is healthy and doing great, yours truly included, praise the Lord!

Thank you so very much for your increased prayers for our family and ministry during these especially difficult times. Many of you reached out to us and expressed your love and concern -
it means a world to us knowing we have such loyal friends and faithful supporters in you please know although we may not be able to say a personal "thank you" to everyone we are grateful to our Lord for giving us all of you and are so thankful to yu for your love and friendship. We do pray for you and ask the lord to bless your lives and ministries!

Your Ambassadors in Ukraine

E and Family
Acts 20:21