Due to inclement weather, the 9 a.m. service for Sunday, Jan. 20 has been cancelled. We will have one morning service at 10:45 a.m. as road conditions improve.

Update from F. Family (secured country)

Like the Apostle Paul, when we think of you and remember you we are very thankful to our God. He continues to use your prayers and sacrificial giving to reach the people here and the world with the Gospel. COVID numbers are rising here, so our summer, like yours too, has looked very different than past ones. Travel to neighboring countries by car is not possible right now. Also, the kids don’t have summer camp. However, ‘A’ and the kids have been able to go to the beach near where we live. 

We are grateful that the ministry at our local church has continued for us this summer. ‘P’ has preached the majority of Sunday mornings the last couple of months. Also, he is working with our pastor to get more men involved in preaching. ‘P’ made sermon outlines so different men could take one point allowing them to get experience preaching without having to prepare an entire sermon. 

‘A’ is still leading music, and it is a blessing to see her music team come together. There is both unity and excitement among the group, and some new people have joined lately. One of the teenagers on the team had the idea to do a worship night. It was well attended and people left encouraged. 

Summer for us also means visa renewals. We turned in all the paperwork a few weeks ago without any problems. We are thankful that for the last two years we have been able to do everything without the need to pay a lawyer. This has saved us a lot of money. 

Please continue to pray for fruit from the outreach films last year. We are still hearing reports of these people turning to Christ, and our partner is producing new and updated videos using green screen footage we shot while on location. Please pray for wisdom to know when our next project will be feasible. 

Financial Update

We are continually amazed by how God meets and surpasses our needs. Even during these difficult financial times, several one-time gifts have kept our account healthy. Also, our sending church has increased our support to cover part of our monthly deficit. We are still lacking about 5% of the monthly support we need. Please continue to pray for our support needs. 

Our church is trying to do a much-needed upgrade to our sound system (which is especially critical now with many watching streaming online services). If you would like to help out with that you can designate a gift to our special “Church Ministry” account by noting on your gift “Missionary Family F”. 

Men’s Ministry Update

It is always a blessing when an idea from the Lord comes to completion. We are excited that ‘P’ has been able to start doing some outdoor men’s ministry in the last few weeks. A vital part of that has been the truck which many of you generously gave towards. ‘P’ has begun to take some of the men from our church, including our pastor, shooting outside the city. As we mentioned before COVID has really delayed everything, but the goal is to eventually use this as an outreach. For now, the idea is to encourage our men and get them interested so that they can be a part of the outreach in the future.